Help Hix restore his islands in this charming puzzle game!

Get ready to meet the godlike brothers Hix and Dix! Normally, they are the best of friends, but something has turned the devilish Dix against his friendly older brother. Now he is tearing up roads and rivers wherever he goes, making a mess of all the beautiful islands Hix created. What on earth could have gotten into him?

As Hix, it’s up to you to visit all your islands and set things to rights. Swap land tiles to ensure all roads lead to where they once led and the people of your world can go about their business once more. Along the way, you will also be able to recover some of your most prized possessions your brother managed to make off with.

Visit differently themed worlds containing over 180 challenging levels that gradually build up in difficulty. Enjoy the lively environments and see if you can mend the tear in the brotherly bond that started this trouble to begin with.
HIX originated as a mini game inside a larger adventure game, but we felt it deserved to be a game of its own

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